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iPhone Application development and programming always require innovative thinking and in-depth technological knowledge. That is why; you need an expert and skilled iPhone application developers who can find a set of feasible solutions towards your idea or the business need.

Why us for iPhone Apps?

We at Web Design Studioz are always following the latest innovations in the iPhone Apps development market. Being one of the iPhone solution providers, we keep our knowledge and skills updated that help us deliver innovative and variety of applications in different business solution domains.

Working closely with the client from concept stage till the final implement Providing guidance in Application development Account Set Up and Approval process Experienced in diversified range of application such as media streaming, games, business, entertainment etc.

iPhone Apps Development at Web Design Studioz

iPhone Apps development is not only an important task but also it can be tricky at times too and that’s why it should be left to the professionals. We give you proper guidance as to what are the latest innovations in the iPhone Apps development market and with the help of your team of experts you can have any kind of application developed customized to your need. If you want to make your iPhone a bombshell of applications which will lend you all that you can imagine then we are the right choice. Please feel free to Contact Us for any of your iPhone app development needs.

iPhone App development for Business

Phone might be an eye candy for people as an entertaining tool, but it can very well serve as a serious medium of handling business undertakings as well. Some of the popular iPhone application that we can create to help your business grow are:

  • Search Engine on your iPhone
  • Accessibility to various Business reports, surveys, trends
  • Email textual content to you mobile
  • Money Management Tools
  • Customer Detailed Database
  • Calendar Services
  • Windows Office Services
iPhone App development for Entertainment

There are various iPhone app available on the iPhone that will make your phone a gateway to the world of entertainment in your pocket.

  • Radio Stations
  • Movie Feedbacks
  • Music
  • Information about local events
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Fun and Interactive Applications
iPhone Apps development for Games

iPhone offers different types of games that can be so engaging that you will forget the rest of the world. We design them on your demand, of your choice and for your pleasure.

  • Brick games
  • Puzzles
  • Quizzes
  • Strategy games
  • Board games
  • War games
iPhone App development for News

Keeping yourself updated with the world while on the move could be something of a challenge, but we make it possible with our customized iPhone applications.

  • News flash on mobile
  • Offline reading
  • News Search
  • Bookmark News channel
  • Email news links, photos
iPhone App development for Social Networking

Being in touch with people might be difficult, but the virtual world does make it easy, iPhone provides excellent applications for social networking.

  • Locating friends
  • Wi-Fi networking
  • Social networking games
  • Subscribing to events
  • Horoscope
  • Maps
iPhone App development for Sports

If you are a sports freak then a mobile that provides sports applications would be just ideal. iPhone brings in many sports applications that will make a wonderful experience for sports lovers. We provide what you demand.

  • Live score updates
  • Sports news
iPhone App development for Travel

Wherever you go your mobile is a constant companion, so why not make a travel companion friendly through travel applications.

  • Maps
  • Site information
  • Translation
  • Tourist information
  • Currency converters
  • Travel blogs
iPhone App development for Weather

How would you like it if the information about the weather were in your pocket all the time, that you got to know about the behaviour of mother earth by just one touch, iPhone app development is the answer.

  • Weather forecast
  • Warnings


If you’re thinking about releasing an iOS app, you probably already know that iOS development costs are quite high, so you want to be sure you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Design Phase

    things that you need to include in your app from the start

  • Implementation Phase

    keep a development blog and organize beta testers

  • Testing and Pre-Launch Phase

    setup Ad Hoc installations for easy beta testing, contact review sites for early access to your app, etc

  • Launch Phase

    choosing an app category,refining the app description and picking good screen shots,engage user forums and app review sites,and creating video demos

Make your iPhone a multiuse gadget with us!

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